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Property #132
Phoenix Vacation Rentals - Property#132
6 Bedrooms Sleeps 26 people!
$1000/nightly or $5000/weekly
Inquire about monthly specials
$100/optional daily pool heating fee and $300 for propane for gas features around the property
Property type:
Phoenix Vacation Rental Homes - Email Us  to book the property
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  Rental Rates for the House in Phoenix Area, Arizona, USA
$1000/nightly or $5000/weekly
Inquire about monthly specials
$100/optional daily pool heating fee and $300 for propane for gas features around the property
$300/cleaning fee on all rentals

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  Location (east old west hwy. and east southern ave.,Apache Junction)
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  Rental Property Information
******** Great House in a great secluded location is why this home away from home rents so quickly. Procrastinators be warned! Thank you to Intel for booking their corporate officers this summer have fun in the summer sun at Casa De Oasis.

$800 per night on up. Please see the pricing below and enjoy the good read!

What is it? Industrial? Residential? Castle? Well let me put your thoughts at ease. Behold a contemporary Santa Fe Estate nestled at the base of Silly Mountain in the Apache Junction / Gold Canyon Corridor. This home is just shy of 6,000 square foot perfectly appointed 6 bedroom home feels like a 10 acre resort and full entertainment facility. As you admire the architecture you will be pleasantly surprised of the thought of how this compound meets functionality.

Here are a list of features this home has:

#1 Private gate entrance: Were not talking about a gated community. A true estate needs its own automatic gate with a remote.

#2 (2) Gorgeous fountains: One in the front yard and one in the back yard to help glorify the flawless views of the mountains.

#3 45,000 gallon diving pool: This isn't just a boring diving pool, It is a fully automated remodeled pool with a glass tile table and benches to play cards or drink margaritas as the kids play on the over-sized baha benches or try a back flip on the diving board. Oh and for the older kids at heart there is a remote for you to blast the fountains into whats called the Belagio mode or Geyser mode (my added touch of fun).

#4 (3) Car Over sized garage with extra storage: This is a garage you can park your big truck in.

#5 Solar: For all of you green peeps out there you will be impressed knowing that 5.5 kw of solar is being sent back to the grid as renewable energy.

#6 Award Winning Hardscape Pavers: There are 22,000 square feet of pavers laid in the yard encompassing a circular driveway to an entertaining 3 tiered backyard paradise with 7 fire features to make every neighbor jealous.

#7 Dark Sky Zone: This home is in a dark sky zone in Pinal County. This means there are no street lights so that you can see every star in the sky. Have you ever seen a full moon rise above the majestic Superstition Mountains in a dark sky zone? Grab the telescope out of the spare bedroom and gaze for hours!

#8 Fully fenced yard. Of course every compound needs an impermeable wall, but this wall is mostly view fencing as a block wall would not be the right choice for this homes choice views.

#9 Horse Property: I guess you could put a horse out there as we are zoned for it. =) Could the back fountain be a watering hole? I guess so.

#10 Hiking Trails: You can literally walk to the back fence and go out a private gate to the map of trails outside the fence line. Hike 1- 15 miles of trails right out your backyard. If hiking is not your thing, then chew up some curly fries watch the hikers hike the mountain and snicker. Lets keep in mind people are driving for miles to hike the mountain that is in your backyard, it must have fantastic views!

#11 Views Views Views: Flawless Superstition mountain and city lights in the front, flawless silly mountain in the back. Is the front completely flawless? Well, you might see some roof tops of multi million dollar homes 1/4 mile away in the background, I hope that won't hurt you.

#12 Wild Kingdom: As you just gaze at the mountain in the back yard watch the wild life. Bunnies, quail, road runners, cardinals, hawks, coyotes and your occasional deer or desert tortoise. Shhhhhhhhhhhh you hear that? It what quiet sounds like with a hint of wildlife.

#13 Zombie Apocalypse: If your one of the .0003% of people who think that Zombies are coming. Don't worry if you are renting this home during the invasion, you are in a compound that can be put completely off grid with solar and a private well. =)

Well we pretty much talked all about the outside now lets enter the house!

#1 6 large bedrooms:

Bedroom 1 15'x17' Queen Bed Shares Jack and Jill Bathroom
Bedrrom 2 15' x 17' (2) sets of bunk beds Jack and Jill Bathroom
Bedroom 3 17'x17' King Bed Shares Bathroom with Common Bathroom attached
Bedroom 4 15'x15' Queen Bed Shares this room is in the Dungeon more to come on that!
Upstairs Bedroom 32'x20' King Bed with private bath and video arcade games galore. From Street Fighter, Rush 2012, NBA Jams to an 80 game classic game machine with Asteroids, Joust to Galaga (Everything you used to play as a kid). Oh and there is a foose ball table up there too.=) Did I mention the views from up there?
Master Bedroom 17' x 30' King Bed with private sitting area. Enjoy perfect mountain views and the pool from this room!

(3) Kings (2) Queens (4) single bunk beds (6) Roll Away Beds Plus a few comfy couches!

#2 Bathrooms: There are 4 large full bathrooms in the home all with beautiful travertine showers. There is a tub in one of the bathrooms if you like to soak. Most bathrooms are dual sink with custom tile work and Venetian plaster. You may see some woven onyx in some. What is woven onyx and Venetian plaster? Lets just say its really nice.

#3 Kitchen: As you would expect, it is a very large and very nice kitchen with all stainless steel appliances and 3 inch chizzled granite counter tops. 4 stools line the counters.

#4 Direct Tv; If you like lounging around eating Cheetos and watching the hikers hike the mountain then you will enjoy the complete Direct Tv system with all the fix ins! Every movie channel is available along with all televisions are flat screens. We didn't go cheap on television entertainment as the front living room has a 65 inch Smart Sharp Aquios. Which is a pathetic television as we move into the dungeon.

#5 Dungeon / Theater room. As you walk to the end of the hall you will notice a full size knight in shinning armor. Head down the stairs you will notice a dungeon like atmosphere complete with a dungeon gate. Off to the right is a queen bedroom we mentioned earlier. Of to the left you will notice a movie watching paradise. 140 inches of projected movie excellence. If you think watching a movie in the basement is cool, well sit in one of the 6 electronic stadium reclining seats (you will not want to leave). If you like big screens you will like big noise. I am what is called a sound snob. I don't care the price model or brand name if it sounds phenomenal it is in the dungeon. With 7.1 Dolby digital you will get the same experience as you would in a movie theater, except your wallet is 75 dollars heavier. Is one sub woofer enough? It is, if you are a sound novice. All sub woofers have a certain frequency range, all movies have multiple ranges. Guess what? The dungeon has 4 sub woofers to meet all the ranges that every newer movie puts out. There are even 2 subs under the chair stadium platforms. Let me just say it sounds pretty good.

For the kids or big kids out there (like me) Have you ever played Call Of Duty on 140 inches with heart pounding sound? I have, its pretty cool!

#6 Home Automation: Every cool house has home automation. Lights turn on and off for your convenience during the day and at night. You will just notice everything works perfect. Of course there is a super extended range wireless router to upload all of your cool vacation pics to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Tweet until your fingers go numb.

#7 Hidden room: You may have noticed a 11 foot mirrored piece of furniture as you entered the house. It may just look like a piece of furniture that can hold 36 bottles of wine. Nice, but big deal! Well push that bad boy open and you can go upstairs to the bedroom / game room. Impress your guests with that!

So if your looking to rent a 6 bedroom 4 bath home and are going for price, this is not your home. I'm sure there are plenty of homes in Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa that you can share an unpainted block wall with. If you do rent one there, look out for the screaming kids in the street. If you are looking for an extremely quiet estate on acres of land with phenomenal views, fountains, diving pools, outdoor entertainment, theater rooms in the form of dungeons, lots of space to roam, hiking trails out the fence, comfortable beds and hidden rooms you have come to the right place.
  Rental Rates for the House in Phoenix Area, Arizona, USA
$1000/nightly or $5000/weekly
Inquire about monthly specials
$100/optional daily pool heating fee and $300 for propane for gas features around the property
$300/cleaning fee on all rentals
  Accommodation and Amenities for the house in Apache Junction
Property Type: Estate
  • Huge and New
  • Fully Stocked
    Living Room:
  • Theater Room and more...
  • 4
  • 6
    Internet Access:
  • wifi
  • Giant Pool and more....

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      Further Details for the house in Phoenix Area, Arizona, USA
    Property Type


    5600 sq. ft.

    Accommodation Type

    Vacation Rental


    Guests Provide Their Own Meals

    Onsite Services


    Private Chef


    Events Allowed
    Long-Term Renters Welcome

    Children Welcome
    Non Smoking Only

    Pets Considered
    Wheelchair Accessible

    Bedrooms: 6 Bedrooms, Sleeps 20

    Bedroom 1

    Bedroom 2

    Bedroom 3

    Bedroom 4

    Bedroom 5

    Bedroom 6

    (3) Kings (2) Queens (4) single bunk beds (6) Roll Away Beds Plus a few comfy couches! But don't be surprised if the kids sleep in the 6 theater chairs! Sleeps 26 people!

    Bathrooms: 4 Bathrooms

    Bathroom 1

    Bathroom 2

    Bathroom 3

    Bathroom 4


    DVD Player

    Game Room:

    Video Arcade over 60 games!
    Satellite / Cable:

    All Movie Channels


    All flat screen and theater projector
    Video Games


    Away From It All


    Sports & Activities
    Tourist Attractions


    Botanical Garden

    Health/Beauty Spa
    Live Theater

    Water Parks

    Local Services & Businesses



    Massage Therapist
    Medical Services

    Leisure Activities

    Bird Watching
    Horseback Riding

    Scenic Drives

    Sight Seeing
    Wildlife Viewing

    Sports & Adventure Activities


    Hot Air Ballooning
    Hunting Big Game

    Hunting Small Game


    Dining Area


    Air Conditioning
    Clothes Dryer

    6 Electric Fireplaces

    3 car
    Hair Dryer

    Iron & Board
    Linens Provided
    Living Room


    Parking for 50 cars
    Towels Provided
    Washing Machine


    Coffee Maker
    Dishes & Utensils


    Pantry Items


    Deck / Patio


    Golf everywhere!

    Lawn / Garden:

    Pavers galore! With fantastic views!
    Outdoor Grill

    Pool / Spa

    Private Pool:

    40,000 Diving Pool with swim up glass tile table

    Write a review
    from 1 traveler reviews

    Mark K Scottsdale
    Awesome Place!
    I have rented this home from David a few times now and just left last weekend. He asked me to review for him as the home is new. Well what can I say? Every time I come down its always great. Large home with cool fountains. The theater is tricked out, (had a bit of trouble with the remote, but user error) The backyard it truly like a resort. My wife and her friends hiked everyday while the guys went golfing (drinking). Dinosaur and Sidewinder mountain are a couple miles away and has great golf, but bring your wallet because it is pricey but very upscale.

    The kitchen is large and has everything you need. The house is immaculate with something new every time I vacation there. I like the knight in armor before you enter into the dungeon / theater room, cool new piece! If I had an extra million dollars I would buy that thing!

    All joking aside, the house is phenomenal, the views are killer, the pool is huge (I noticed you remodeled, I like the table) and the yard is out of a magazine. If you are looking to rent a killer vacation home in Phoenix and have a large party get this house! It has the WOW factor.

    Our group had 5 couples and for under $800 per couple for a week is a steal. A hotel room would have cost me double that!

    David I'm coming back in February I will give you the dates in a few weeks.

    -Craig Bowers Milwaukee, Wi
    Stayed: May 2015
    Submitted: June 2, 2015

    Recommended for: People with disabilities, Sightseeing, Girls getaway, Adventure seekers, Age 55+, Romantic getaway, Families with teenagers
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